Architecture Design Foundations (4.022) Critique II with Skylar Tibbits
This studio aimed to develop and further a students' understanding of architecture by studying the intersection of at, design and materials science. Three primary exercises helped develop student’s techniques of drawing, making and organizing structures. This course was specifically created to play off students' non-architectural education by introducing a domain of investigation whereby students learned to design through the lens of cross-disciplinary experimentation.

Throughout the semester students investigated generative art, design and materials science through the lens of “pattern formation” and attempted to extract principles, learned techniques and developed strategies for design. By studying the formation of materials students explored both the fundamental science as well as new advances in research to understand the building blocks of matter, organizational patterns, processes of material creation and micro-to-macro material behavior. To draw comparison, students also researched both contemporary and historic works of generative art and design to understand the rules, logic and components of the work and how high-level patterns emerge from local interaction. These seemingly opposite fields converged and become precedents for three exercises: 1. Generative drawings, 2. New material formations and 3. Living objects / growing structures.
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