Brand New Debricking Tool

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    Fresh out of Billund. The brand new debricking tool. It's smaller. Streamlined down to about the footprint of a 2 x 10 plate. There are many notable new features. There is a technic axle pusher for removing those stubbornly embedded axles. There are of course the standard top and bottom brick removing configurations. Also new is the pointed wedge at the back end of the lever, very useful for popping tiles and splitting plates that the other end can't. It basically doubles as an ABS thumbnail. It'll do whatever you would do with your thumbnail without ruining your manicure. Lastly, another nice added feature is the jumper plate offset in the underside, allowing the removal of jumper plates that the previous version of the tool could not handle.


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    1. lights 31 months ago | reply

      Holy smokes!

    2. Carson Hart 31 months ago | reply

      Sweet! I was about to get one but now I will wait. :P

    3. Happy Weasel 31 months ago | reply

      I didn't realize nick came back with the ok to post photos of this, or I might've posted mine. It's plain exciting, no matter what, though.

    4. LegoDad42 31 months ago | reply

      Good new improvments. Less trips to the manicurist for me...;)

    5. polywen 31 months ago | reply

      I ran it by Jan. Apparently he debuted it at the fan event in Denmark this weekend, so he said it was OK.

    6. zrath 31 months ago | reply

      I concur! The darn thing should be bright yellow or lime green! :D
      Otherwise, I like it very much.

    7. Psi 31 months ago | reply

      The studs on top being in the same plane as the tubes beneath will avoid one issue with the old one. That non AFOLs new to it would often try to use it by placing it so the studs were parallel to the studs on the brick to be removed.

    8. Dawn Woodhouse 31 months ago | reply

      That's really good and deserves to be in EXPLORE!

      If you have the time to look at a picture here is one of mine that was in explore today too!

    9. Paulgil 31 months ago | reply

      Nice Shot!

    10. Sand Raider 31 months ago | reply

      This should work better than the other one!

      Jesus saves!

    11. halfpenguinhalflego 30 months ago | reply

      In starfighters everywhere soon!

    12. origamiguy1971 30 months ago | reply

      About the axle/thumb placement issue: Put a 2x2 round brick with a round tile on top.

    13. Matthew Butler. 29 months ago | reply

      Where did you get it in green from? Mine was orange....

    14. polywen 29 months ago | reply

      I got mine from the Billund.

    15. Matthew Butler. 29 months ago | reply

      From the Billund what?

    16. polywen 29 months ago | reply

      Do you know what Billund is?

    17. Matthew Butler. 29 months ago | reply

      Yes, it's a town in Denmark where LEGOLAND and the LEGO factory is. I meant from the Billund Store, Warehouse, LEGOLAND, what?

    18. polywen 29 months ago | reply

      I'm afraid I can't get more specific than that. There are NDAs involved. I would say, just look at my photostream ---> that way and see if it becomes clearer.

    19. DeTomaso77 23 months ago | reply

      Got mine recently but it's orange!

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