New 'N' Lonelier Laze
Erik Wenzel
“New ‘N’ Lonelier Laze”
Friday, June 25 – Saturday, July 24, 2010
DOVA temporary

Exhibition Material:
1. “Rings”
Plastic bottle rings hung from nails inserted into holes left from previous exhibitions.

Walls lying prone on the floor.

Scratching post placed on prostrate wall.

Object wrapped in plastic placed on prostrate wall.

5. “You suck your own blood.”
Vinyl lettering 1.5 inches in height cut from a line vector.

6. “Non-Renewal”
Digital video with sound, looped.

Other material:
A. “New ‘N’ Lonelier Laze” postcard
Image of the announcement from “ Harper Court’s Light-Up & Launching” in 1965, where DOVA temporary is located.

A selection of songs arranged in alphabetical order by title of tracks correlating to the general idea of what a “New ‘N’ Lonelier Laze” might feel like played during the exhibition’s opening reception.

The exhibition’s organizers would be remiss in not thanking the following individuals for their generous and vital support: Zachary Cahill, David Cordero, Matthew Metzger, Elle Opitz, Michael Schuh, Marilyn Volkman & David Wolf among countless others. This exhibition is made possible by the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Chicago.
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