7/4/2013 Ziock Project
On July 4th 2012, ArtOrg traveled to Rockford, Illinois to take part in artist Roland Poska's event centered around signing his "Declarations of Interdependance". We performed our small steamroller printing event, and 45 kids and adults made wonderful paper prints. We saved the blocks, reprinted them, and placed those reprints inside a 9-foot-tall model of Rockford's Ziock Building, and unveiled the Ziock Project the next year on July 4, 2013.

Here is a link to the 45 artists from Rockford who created the original prints from 7/4/2012:


ArtOrg has reprinted blocks before from these small steamroller printing events, but this is the first time they have been put together in a three-dimensional structure.

We suggest that this "Ziock Project" represents the creativity and vitality that could exist within a redeveloped Ziock building.
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