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Reflection of Me (Tagged!) :: HDR | by :: Artie | Photography :: Travel ~ Oct
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Reflection of Me (Tagged!) :: HDR

Highest Position - Explore #4 | 09.01.2009 (Thank YOU!! :))))

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I've been tagged by at least 10 flickr mates from the time before i went for my holiday till now.... to post 16 items about myself. I know who all of you are :P but to keep things short this morning & to kill your curiosity about me right away, here's my ....


16 INTRIGUING YET AMAZING (Up to you to believe) facts about this god-send talent LMAO!


1. I am a lefty..I write with my left hand but play sports, use chopstixs, cook, wank etc with my right. Genius rite? ;)


2. I just started learning tennis (self taught) a month ago & i already feel like i can beat roger federer haha! That's bloody fat hope! :P


3. I was once known as a tree-hugger by my colleagues cos I lost control of my car & drove direct into a tree (I thought I could test the airbag out too! but it freakin' didn't work at all!!!)


4. i am a horny bastard who enjoys watching porn… well most of the time LMAO! (Don't get too excited gals esp dave the poo bear!) <- sorry this is a joke but i believe most of you will believe this anyhow LOL!


5. I honestly love groceries shopping for some reason. supermarket gets me real excited.. man! how shit can my life be! :'( but i made a good hubby tho in this case :D perhaps all along i was thinking that supermarket is a great place for hanky panky!!


6. I sleep in my b'day suit most of the time (not out camping tho.. can't have insect kissing all over me) so i wouldn't dirty my clothes in my dream (oh perhaps i should start wearing now so i wouldn't dirty the sheets instead LOL!)


7. i used to snore so loud that my friends at the basement car porch can hear me (that's what i was being told tho .. i think that's fake since i can't hear it myself haha!)


8. I seriously find it really hard to finish reading a book.. i can read the first few pages & i'm done with!


9. I once slept 22 hours in a row & didn’t know which day it was when I woke up LOL!


10. I was an obese boy when I was in my primary & secondary school days but now I’m simply a tall slender sexy gentleman (ha! don't puke pls! just envy is good enough :P)


11. My dream was to become a chef but I keep ending up with technical computing work. Now that I realise the shit hours of being a chef, I’m happy where I’m :P


12. I practically go to gym almost everyday … if I don’t go, I feel guilty as! not for the sake of working out but cos i already freakin' pay $100 a mth for it!


13. A lot of people say I'm happy & smiley all the time ... even in my dream ..hmmm wonder why was that.. perhaps this links to item 6 LOL!


14. Many people also say I look very young like 22-23.. that’s damn shocking to me! I’m only 17 :P


15. I love sunbathing... if i can burn myself chocolate brown, i would :)


16. I'm a nutter (as you can tell from the above 15 items :D) & i love to have people laughing with me!



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