High mountains in the light of the moon

The weather have been terrible. Nothing compared to the mid-west USA. When I say it's terrible that means no sight for the aurora in weeks.

I am starting to shiver and some cold sweat is forming on my forehead.

I really hope that these clouds filled snow is disappearing soon.

All the aurora forecast are saying there is a major outbreak supposedly going to hit the earth tonight or tomorrow night.

But every time when I stick my head out to check for a clear sky I get slapped in the face.

Clouds Clouds and even more clouds

I really hate clouds by now.

Give me some cold and clear weather with awesome auroras that dances over the star filled sky.


While cursing at Thor and Odin and the rest of the gang, I get comfort in editing the last great aurora show from the 13th of January.

It was really something for that entire week! It sure brings back a smile on my face.

But bloody hell, that was over 2 weeks ago!

I need some clear sky now.

There is only so many times you can look at these old pictures from way back when.

I know 2 weeks is nothing, but when you are used to your regular fix of the aurora, 2 weeks feels like an eternity.

I am so awake at work. I am going early to bed. I actually speak to my wife and kids. Just noticed that I have a great family :) So maybe the lack of the aurora brings something good.

NO, I need the aurora now!


This was shot with:

Canon EOS 5D mkII

Samyang 14mm@2.8

ISO 2000 and 5s


My gear really need some action now!

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Taken on February 3, 2011