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If you choose to publish this photo I'd like to be attributed as Joshua Davis, and if you include a link please send people to jdavis.info. This is not required, but is highly appreciated since I give my work away for free.

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  1. armandino 118 months ago | reply

    Fantastic shot!!

  2. albertmdh 118 months ago | reply

    i love lens flare!

  3. EricByers 118 months ago | reply

    Well it's a jet, across a bland sky. The lens flare is midly interesting, but it doesn't take away from the poor framing of the shot.

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  4. edcrowle 118 months ago | reply

    My opinion pretty much matches StolidSoul. I do like lens flare, but it doesn't add enough to make this spectacular.

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  5. evilgreg3000 118 months ago | reply

    Someone posted the fuzzy flying ass of a bumblebee here not so long ago, and I thought that it was the least interesting picture of the ass end of something flying that I'd ever see.

    I was wrong.

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  6. SteveFE 118 months ago | reply

    Nice and sharp, but it's dead centre, undramatic and just a slightly better than average aeroplane shot. Now if you'd been at the other end of the runway...

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  7. Carl M. 118 months ago | reply

    something seems to be dripping out of the left jet engine. I hope its not an oil leak.

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  8. The New No. 2 118 months ago | reply

    Maybe if this was shot from directly below it, or completely blocked the sun, or was more straight on, or had less lens flare, or more lens flare, or was more silhouetted, or was just a picture of something else it would resonate more. Right now it is a plane in the sky withnothing particularly special happening anywhere in the frame.

    And somebody miscounted their vote and somebody forgot to tag.

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  9. CoolValley [deleted] 118 months ago | reply

    the pic needs a crop. also needs light under the plane. sun is a distraction.

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  10. JoshuaDavisPhotography 118 months ago | reply

    Hey! somebody forgot to put in a deleteme tag!

  11. SteveFE 118 months ago | reply

    My fault, sorry. Fixed now

  12. robholland 118 months ago | reply

    And this is special because?

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  13. sous les pavés, la plage 118 months ago | reply

    I was giving philmos crop suggestion a thought, but it's still nothing more than an average plane shot against a dull sky.
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  14. Lenny Montana 118 months ago | reply

    just in time to bin another plane...

    needs something more ...

    also delete the person who suggested that ridiculous crop... !

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  15. Serge&Natalie 100 months ago | reply

    I don't think the sun and the flare are real.

  16. Philip Taylor PT 62 months ago | reply

    Thanks, Joshua. Used and attributed at: Airline Miles Credit Cards.

  17. mbh-ubc 44 months ago | reply

    Nice shot, pity about the fake lens flare.

  18. Frontierofficial 6 months ago | reply

    Amazing photo! We've used it in a blog at www.gapyearblog.info and you have been credited - many thanks.

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