TKU The Karma Underground in Amsterdam
TKU The Karma Underground

The TKU is a 501C3 nonprofit corporation. 
All of us at The TKU are volunteers. Every dollar that is donated goes directly to fund humanistic projects in Tibet. 
At this time we are raising money to complete a medical center and a school for nomadic girls in Eastern Tibet/Northern China. 
The website will be updated weekly with reports on progress and photos where safety is not a concern.
We need money now to continue this project. Your money will go farther than you ever imagined possible. A single gift of $300 will provide a Tibetan girl with a year of classes, books, food and clothing. 
You can help us tremendously by going to our website and purchasing American made t-shirts, artists prints and stickers.
General Information
Artist in The TKU Collective:
Ron English
Shepard fairy
Lydia Emily
Van Arno
Sage Vaughn
Eddie Colla
Paul Barron
D Young V
Hugh Leeman
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