Galo Returns
Galo Returns

14 August – 31 August, 2011

It has been awhile since Galo has been seen painting nearly every surface imaginable in Amsterdam: fat bellies, flat bellies, walls, electricity boxes, toilets, fences, ceilings, floors, canvas, wood, bikes and cars.

Amsterdam seems to have lost it’s creative vibe since Galo moved back to Italy to start his gallery, Galo Art Gallery. We are excited to announce that Galo has decided make a return trip to Amsterdam this summer.

Galo is a art school graduate and has worked professionally as a graphic designer, before turning his back on just about everything except love and paint. Layer after layer, he went deeper into what can all be called the “Galoverse”.

Galo sees life as art and he spends his life sharing his art, wherever, whenever and with whomever he can. His work has shown in exhibitions in three continents, in galleries, museum, cafes and nightclubs, but most of all on and off the wall.

His art is in action. Galo paints as if his life depended on it.
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