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WULPS - Codex Inferno Daniel Oosterman WULPS Studio RECAL I Amsterdam Painting by RECAL Painting by RECAL RECAL Demons of Daniel from RECAL Amor Fati Iris Stormtrooper with Bad Kitty by RECAL Graffiti vs Art by Daniel RECAL Oosterman Graffiti vs Art by Daniel RECAL Oosterman

Daniel RECAL Oosterman grew up in Amsterdam working as a street artist and a graffiti artist. He now combines these influences to create a truly distinctive look. Much of his recent work is on canvas. As a contemporary artist today, Oosterman is one of the leading artists of Amsterdam.

Oosterman’s work varies in subject matter, but all of his pieces are deeply emotive. Some focus on positive thoughts of love and peace. Contrasting works echo anger and melancholy. Oosterman’s works are products of his reflection on the emotions all people experience throughout life.

For those interested in the work of Daniel RECAL Oosterman and his life, his biography can be found here

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Quantum Physics says:

I Love Recal!!!
Posted 102 months ago. ( permalink )

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