Photos, beginning Day1.

Notes: Richard Haas 1977-8 mural [more info at www.richardhaas.com/zmuralfr.html ] at Seaport. I interviewed Richard for ArtRadio, while he was in Nashville giving a talk at Vanderbilt on public art, through the Lembarks, a pair of LA collectors who temporarily made some push in the Music City while Bredesen was mayor there, in the HCA/Frist boom days. Richard was commissioned to do a mural for the big city library project around that time. He also did some beautiful work inside the Byrd U.S. Courthouse in my hometown, Beckley, WV. Pics of those Haas projects are also on his old school frames website..

Lots of connections!

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo. Visits to Artist in Residence Gallery and a collective space down the hall, in that Walentas building with the pink foyer. Also Galapagos. Plus stops for slices and a Wicked spicy mocha. YUM!

Cab shots, Tom Otterness at a subway stop [another ArtRadio interviewee], my new studio in Williamsburg, the Federal Reserve, WTC site sunset shots...
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