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Select LR-135345  - Rico's 1930s matinee idol look..... | by DeLares (Eliud Martinez)
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Select LR-135345 - Rico's 1930s matinee idol look.....

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BTW, these photos were taken with my new Samsung Galaxy cell phone! Hey, who needs cameras anymore?....! That's what they said about film when DSLRs came along......


My dog Rico is now 15 years old but he doesn't look it at all, although he's now in another place in life. Our routines are now different. He sleeps a lot more than he used to and he doesn't always wake up to greet me when I come home. He'll often look at his food and just stare at it. Feeding time takes a bit longer making sure he eats it all......and not 6 year old Coqui who keeps track of his distraction to eat his food too if he can. Our daily walks take longer and when it's rainy or very cold, I wish I could just pick him up and carry him.


Although I hadn't thought about it too much til about a year ago, Rico's aging has made me wistful and a bit sad. The other day we met up with a 10 year old dog on the street and, before I knew it, Rico started dancing and play fighting like he used to. I was happy to see the old spark still in him.


This was a sweet moment that we revisit whenever he meets up with his girlfriend Sasha. She's a beautiful 15 year old Lab and they absolutely love each other. I'm greatful that over the years, we've had a really good run of it together.


As you can tell, the subject of elderly animals has recently been on my mind. I've considered documenting my experiences of it in my neighborhood but have yet to do something about it.


This morning I came across a wonderful video of a photographer who who's actually documenting her own experiences with this. Here is Mark and Angela Walley's short film ( on Isa Leshko's photos a beautiful meditation on aging and love... Check out her website


Yes, life is short and precious.

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Taken on January 16, 2012