• this piece is simply amazing. I how it's completely simple yet you still managed to capture so much detail. - confused bridge

Moleskine Addiction - Exploded

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  1. evereven x ages ago | reply

    the telephone pole is my favorite, but they are all fantastic!

  2. artandstory ages ago | reply

    Thanks, evereven x!

  3. talented hole [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Beautiful pictures

  4. WILHLM ages ago | reply

    If I only had better handwriting, it wouldn't feel like I'm molesting my moleskine notebooks whilst writing in them. You on the other hand, you needn't worry.

  5. Aubirdy ages ago | reply

    this is so awesome!!

  6. amazing mint [deleted] ages ago | reply


  7. 0MAK0 ages ago | reply

    Wow man. Your work is great. I like your ink drawings, and your watercolors (though I could never do that). I am inspired to start my own Moleskine sketchbook. I appreciate your addiction too. I'm on my way.

  8. artandstory ages ago | reply

    Thanks for the comments!
    Copy + Waste — But molesting the skines is the fun part!
    adriana.marto — I'm not sure I understand your question?
    0MAK0 — Go for it!

  9. Liyin Yeo ages ago | reply

    Very interesting!!

  10. WILHLM ages ago | reply

    What kind of black pen do you use for drawing? I've been looking for a decent pen for ages, can't find any that I like.

  11. artandstory ages ago | reply

    Hey C+W — I use all kinds. Not too picky. Even ballpoint (because you can get darker or lighter lines depending on pressure). I've been working digital a lot lately, so when I do draw with a pen lately, it is whatever is on hand. I like uniballs. Also Microns can be nice. I was recently given a Waterman rollerball, which is nice for writing, though I'm finding as the ink runs down it is beginning to skip a little. Sometimes I will use Rapidographs, though they are definitely an acquired taste. The black pen pictured here is actually a brush pen made by Kuretake, using a Lamy insert and Rapidograph Ultradraw ink. I followed the recommendations here: www.sidewalkbubblegum.com/tutorial.html
    It's a nice tool. The brush tip will eventually wear out, but you can replace it for less than 10 dollars, I believe. Other than that, I recommend straight-up ink and brush. Windsor Newton Series 7 #2 Brush is often recommended and is good. Speedball is a good brand for ink, I believe.

    Then there is the option of the traditional dip pen. Lauded by old school cartoonists, but confounding to many — myself included.

    Unfortunately, you cannot go by one artist's recommendation. When it comes to pens, to each their own. You have to try all kinds. They have different merits and drawbacks. Also, consider how the material you're drawing on plays a role in the tool's performance.

  12. 0MAK0 ages ago | reply

    I have begun my own Moleskine sketchbook as predicted. I'll post some photos soon. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

  13. WILHLM ages ago | reply

    Thank a bunch for the advice!

  14. Karen Walter 119 months ago | reply

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  15. Amer sw6 107 months ago | reply

    amazing..I don't know how long before I have this number of moleskines..

  16. Rubytoes 105 months ago | reply

    These are amazing. They also put my moleskin collection to shame as all of mine are filled with lists and no pictures :(

  17. beeamoreira 102 months ago | reply

    woow i loved yours draws *--*

  18. Rilegator 77 months ago | reply

    ecxellent composition - I love this photo!

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