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    Well...funny morning yesterday...with this bull to run around my front garden....

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    1. Petereck 44 months ago | reply

      Hi again Anita, nice to hear from you again, I love this - animal humour is always a favorite!

    2. Anita Thomhave Simonsen 44 months ago | reply

      Hi There Kevin....thanks...

      HI peter...thanks...now there are not these animals here anymore...(of course it is winter right now)...but the farmer did not take much care in his animals and there has been many of them being to skinny and not being giving enough food, so after many years of problems with the authorities and many pepole complaining about it....it did happen this autumn that he lost his right to have the responsability for these animals, which I appriciate very much...it is not at all nice seeing how they live and are treated...and seeing that nothing happens before many people have complained about it....police been involved so many times and this summer a small calf did die while having no water and all thn creature did not have access to water, while the weather was hot and the waterpond dried out....so now I guess someone else will bring his animals down here to cut the grass....we do still have animals..cows...here in this valley but they are treated much better and and I feel so much batter about these animals.....Not all of this bad farmers animals were skinny but many were....I think this one was not.....but could easily be skinny without enough food.....but the farmer did have problems with kkeping the animals inside the fence and this is just once one of them ran out....

    3. Avalanche Looms 41 months ago | reply

      We have some bad farmers like this in Wisconsin. It's a terrible thing to mistreat animals.
      It's good when there are enough complaints that the farmer is cited and the animals are removed

    4. Anita Thomhave Simonsen 41 months ago | reply

      Hi Susan....thanks for your visit here....yes I am glad things have changed....I guess that this year no animals will come on grass here nearby my house but the ones I have mentioned are in the area but not as close as I can see them from the house....but I`ll see what happens with the fields....actually i will miss the animals here and i feel it isn´t summer the right way if not the animals get out on the fields here on both sides of my house...but I will have to get used to it I guess.....and it is much better with bare fields than hungry and bad treated animals...

      :O) anita

    5. Avalanche Looms 41 months ago | reply

      I like to see the cows out on pasture here, too. But, I don't like them in my yard, and I'm glad we don't have heifers here on our farm anymore. We have a tree farm, and trees don't ever jump out of the fence

    6. Earnest-Lee- all this wonder 37 months ago | reply

      I remember living in a new house beside a cow pasture in Oklahoma years back. I woke to the sound of crunching grass outside my window. It was an interesting sound and kinda funny. :)

    7. Anita Thomhave Simonsen 37 months ago | reply

      Hi Kevin...guess you know the joy of living nearby cows....they are wonderful animals....but i prefer of course these "guys" to be elswhere than in my frontgarden....but i was in a way fun to see what they did there...but to dangerous while people walk by and cars drive by too...not very often but they do and it could cause trouble if the animal suddenly ran from my small lawn in front and onto the road and a car came....
      Today we do not have loose running cows but on the one side of my house some few cows live the summermonth and get inside again latest 1. nov....( the law says that)...
      I would like waking up to that sound too...but that close they are not to my house...I can hear them call....or whatever they do when they "muhhhh!"...maybe the sing ! we actually don´t know...do we ?

      :O) anita

    8. Earnest-Lee- all this wonder 37 months ago | reply

      Anita Thomhave Simonsen I like the idea of singing cows! Before long they'll have their own TV show. :)

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