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Jackson PC-1 in Chlorine Blue | by ArtBrom
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Jackson PC-1 in Chlorine Blue

Man, I love this axe. This guitar flies in the face of most of my preconceptions about what I want in a guitar. Maple board. Fully locking Floyd. Sustainer pickup. Big fat neck profile. Really heavy.


It transcends all that, and taps straight into the irrational, subconscious part of my brain. Maybe it's the gorgeous maple top, the blue finish that makes me want to dive into it, the gorgeous curly maple fingerboard, the clean look of no fret markers, the classy and traditional Strat headstock. (I probably would have bought a Jackson a long time ago, if they weren't all so pointy. This one is a refreshing break from their norm.)


Whatever it is, this guitar BEGS me to pick it up every time I lay eyes on it. I've had it well over a year now, and the novelty has yet to wear off. I'd love to have a second one, maybe in red.


Actually, with all that said, there are a few things I would change:


1. Wire it in such a way that in position 2 on the switch, you can have the back humbucker split, and the middle pickup added in, for the classic Strat thing. (At least position 4 is good for that). I had Mike Lull look at it, and he told me there's no easy way to wire that, because it's a rat's nest of wiring in there!


2. The toggle switches for the sustainer. They should be gold, to match the rest of the hardware, and they should be rotated 90 degrees. Presently, the switches flip back and forth from the direction of the strap peg to the direction of the knobs and switches. This is not ergonomic. They should flip towards the bridge and toward the jack instead. This might be something that's easy to fix, I dunno.


3. The knobs and pickup selector could be positioned better. It's tough to change pickups on the fly, because the switch is nestled so closely between the three knobs, plus you have the whammy bar to contend with at the same time!

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Taken on November 15, 2007