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my tinna..

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thought it about time to show you the lates photos of my cats..
isn´t she just a beauty!

she is hard to get close ups of..

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  1. arny johanns ages ago | reply

    hey javame..
    so glad you joined..!

  2. noa m ages ago | reply

    she's beautiful!

  3. Da' JesusFreak ages ago | reply

    Elsku fallega Tinna mín..

  4. Sahara Rós ages ago | reply

    GULLFALLEG mynd. Æðislegir litir. Sendu þessa mynd í keppnina. Bara ein flottasta mynd sem ég hef séð. Orð geta ekki lýst. Fallegur feldur.

  5. arny johanns ages ago | reply

    thank you colita..tanja og sahara rósir..greinilega elskar þú tinnu mikið tanja rósin mín..og sahara rós..ekki útilokað að senda þessa í keppnina..þú segir nokkuð!

  6. kelly-bell ages ago | reply

    beautiful, bellissima, bonita!!!!

  7. arny johanns ages ago | reply

    icelandic: falleg!
    danish: smuk!
    swedish: vacker!
    norwegian: vakker!
    german: schön!

    Thank you kelly-bell..

  8. Allielikesjazz [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    Very pretty cat. She's a big girl!

  9. arny johanns 119 months ago | reply

    you know what lishafisha?
    she is a tiny thing!

  10. Allielikesjazz [deleted] 119 months ago | reply

    Oh! It must just be the photo ;o)

  11. racingsquirrel 119 months ago | reply

    Do not forget the Paris Hilton translation of vakker: hott.

  12. arny johanns 119 months ago | reply

    @lishafisha: well it might have been taken before sunna came to be with us..she has really kept her running and moving around..tinna was getting a little bit over the normal scale..:)
    @íkorn: lol!

  13. arny johanns 115 months ago | reply

    thank you so much márci..i appreciate the stamp..:)

  14. ♥loveberries 115 months ago | reply

    Please join us at Kitty Crown of Greatness
    Post one royal kitty, crown two in the group

  15. Ever Wandering...Thanks to my visitors! Jasmine R [deleted] 115 months ago | reply

    in answer to your question..............most certainly yes, she is a beauty!....................oh those gorgeous copper colored eyes!

  16. arny johanns 115 months ago | reply

    i know..she is a realy beut..

  17. Carol's photos =^..^= 113 months ago | reply

    What a beautiful cat!!! Sorry about your other one dying. I am glad that you have 2 beautiful cats now to enjoy. I just love cats! They are very entertaining animals; especially if you have more than one! Thank you for your comment on my Minka. I just love all your cat photos!!!

  18. arny johanns 113 months ago | reply

    thank you carol..
    i still miss my peaches soooooooooo much..:(

    but the other two are so much joy..
    both so much characters..:)

  19. ©hris 107 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Exotic Shorthair Cats, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

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