BMX - 2010 Fall Classic
On Sunday, December 12th, the 2010 Arnette BMX Fall Classic went down at the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. The sun was blazing, the temps were warm, the riding was mental, the crowds were swarming, and the free Slush Puppies were flowing.

Our second annual All-Day Antics BMX event featured a street, flow and big air contest. There were 50 competitors broken up into five divisions based on age and skill level. Several hundred amped spectators lined the park with our very own Zack “Catfish” Yankush on the mic calling out the tricks. Fellow Arnette team rider Brian Kachinsky was also there, riding with the groms and helping to make sure things ran smoothly. And Mike Escamilla even stopped by to show his support.

The level of riding was through-the-roof with competitors of all ages absolutely going for it and throwing down some ridiculous tricks. When the dust settled, the big winner of the day was Corona local Daniel Sandoval who won the Sponsored Division and Big Air contest by boosting super stylish 12-foot airs off the vert wall. Daniel’s efforts earned him a cool 200 bucks and other rad prizes. Podium finishers in the other divisions also made out well by taking home custom cruiser board trophies and a bunch of Arnette swag.

It was an awesome day for BMX in Southern California and we’ve gotta give special thanks to all the competitors, spectators, volunteers, sponsors, and the city of Lake Forest for helping to make it such a great event. See ya next year!


Minis (8 & Under):
1.Kaden Stone
2.Liam O’Neil
3.Carter Sheffield

Groms (9-12):
1.Tucker Smith
2.David Howell
3.Trevor Navarre

Shredders (13-18):
1.Anthony Nunez
2.Brendan Sepe
3.Jorge Fernandez

Crusty (19 & Up):
1.Brian Nimmo
2.Kelly Orsbun
3.Chris Mounce

1.Daniel Sandoval
2.Dylan Stark
3.Dan Norvell

Big Air:
1.Daniel Sandoval
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