Diana at night: Hunts Point, Bronx

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    Diana, twenty, was turning tricks, waiting for her husband. She was worried about him and worried because the night was cold and she had no blanket to warm her and hide her as she slept.

    As we spoke passing johns harassed and shouted at her. "Hey babe, you want my big dick?" She shouted back, "I have seen it, it ain't big."

    The night was clear and physically beautiful: The constellation of Orion was emerging from above the trees. The Pleiades were shining. It was also the peak of the Orionid Meteor shower, falling stars where even making it to Hunts Point.

    I felt guilty for leaving her, felt guilty that as I could speak to her, listen to her plea for another blanket, that at the same time I was watching the stars.

    More on Addiction: Faces of Addiction

    More on Diana by Cassie Rodenberg, writer at SciAm: Anger, Crack, and Duty

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    1. gypsybug 38 months ago | reply

      This photo is beautiful. I hope Diane found a blanket.

    2. drburtoni 38 months ago | reply

      Cassie Rodenberg's writing is phenomenal and shows what a terrible life drugs like these bring upon people. maybe they aren't the cause, but they sure as hell aren't the solution. great collaboration in Scientific American.

    3. inger klekacz 38 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful. And tragic. God, she's just a BABY.

    4. Dino Jasarevic 38 months ago | reply

      good story and good shot...this is life...this is photography

    5. Bouhet 38 months ago | reply

      Maybe you should have brought her a blanket.

    6. NYCandre 38 months ago | reply

      Tragedy of life - actually some very rich people are very miserable too

    7. mahele 38 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot, dreadful context.

    8. Jeroen Hensen 38 months ago | reply

      Lovely and sad story, nice picture. In B&W it also would be a nice atmosphere.

    9. mahele 38 months ago | reply

      Jeroen Hensen I think these golden tones contast so much with this sad and drab situation that the photo is perfect as it is.

    10. Guido de Kleijn 37 months ago | reply

      She looks cute in this golden light, a sad story though. Too young to have a live like this, I wish her all the best.

    11. meandtheharley 37 months ago | reply

      I am a student at St. Leo University, and happened to see some of your work in the library. A nice lady that works in cataloging? started telling me te story of your Father and then you....I am a novice photographer and I always thought this was what I wanted to do...real street photography and incorporate it with social work somehow...I applaud you it is beautifull...mesmerizing..thank you..Leslie

    12. RedXibi 37 months ago | reply

      The yellow lighting symbolizes well the warmth these people receive from the streets, warmth which unfortunately they have not received form other human beings.

    13. Tom_DC_G 37 months ago | reply

      What an amazingly beautiful, moving, and powerful photostream. Thank you!!!

    14. jonnyspeed71 36 months ago | reply

      Maybe next time she turns a tricks she can spend it on a blanket and not smack.

    15. teresachinnock 36 months ago | reply

      @johnnyspeed71 If she was able to buy a blanket instead of drugs she wouldn't have an "addiction" she'd have a choice!!! Drug addicts don't have a choice the addiction takes that choice away from them! If you was on the floor, sweat pouring from every hole, shivering like your in an icebox, vomiting up your stomach lining, stomach in terrible pain, on and off the toilet with diarrhea and you know that £10 is gonna make you better or buy a blanket, you want to tell me you'd buy a blanket?? If you believe you would, it might do you good to read "Motivation & personality" by Maslow or if that's too intellectual just google "Maslow's hierarchy of needs" you might then realise what a silly comment you made!

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