Vanessa: Hunts Point, Bronx

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    Vanessa, thirty-five, had three children with an abusive husband. She "lost her mind, started doing heroin," after losing the children, who were taken away and given to her mother. The drugs led to homelessness and prostitution. She grew up on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, but now spends her time in Hunts Point, "trying to survive everyday. Just doing whatever it takes."

    She was standing on the cold street corner looking for business, wearing only flip flops and smoking with her two friends. When I asked her how she wanted to be described, Mary Alice jumped in and said "She's the sweetest woman I know. She will give you the shirt off her back, if she has one on."

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    1. Chris Arnade 29 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone for the great comments. Here is an update on Vanessa

    2. kwright602003 28 months ago | reply

      she had Very Beautiful eyes....

    3. JaneDoeinCO 27 months ago | reply

      This woman is absolutely beautiful. Im sure she does not see that when looking in a mirror, but she is more beautiful on the outside than most models and starlets in Hollywood. Sad she is unable to get her life together. :( The depth of soul in her eyes says she is a sweet but damaged soul :(

    4. JaneDoeinCO 27 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the update.....I hope and pray her life only improves each day. She is really beautiful!

    5. {Giuliana} 27 months ago | reply

      DID YOU SEE THIS?! I woke up this morning and saw this on MAIL ONLINE!

    6. *m5 25 months ago | reply

      her sadness takes my breath away.

    7. s@bos 25 months ago | reply

      Her story and gorgeous face remind me of many of my clients. Thanks for this soulful image.

    8. Shonga81 25 months ago | reply

      Vanessa you are gorgeous! If you can't find a way to take care of yourself, find me and I will help as much as I can :D

    9. kateincali1986 24 months ago | reply

      It's very sad. She's beautiful too. I am glad you are getting these people's stories. The media makes most people invisible if they aren't the exact ideal of what we are supposed to be.

    10. wtfhunt 19 months ago | reply

      I nailed her in hunts point she was a great lay!!

    11. Sir Guy Grand 15 months ago | reply

      Extraordinary image. Walked straight into my heart and found herself a space. So much humanity in one person and one shot. Chris Arnade, you are an artist and you have touched me. Thank you.

    12. gravitat-OFF 15 months ago | reply

      what a sad world.

    13. jason stits 15 months ago | reply

      Chris, thanks for the update. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the effort you put into finding Vanessa ........I know there is hope brother....there is hope

    14. The Nite Tripper [deleted] 14 months ago | reply

      Oh, Vanessa....she has the most beautiful blue eyes....

    15. kerrymcfadden12 13 months ago | reply

      I wish to help her... how can we?

    16. nilliske 3 months ago | reply

      Great capture. Happy holidays.

    17. williamsgrady14 4 weeks ago | reply

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    18. Ol' Wizard 2 days ago | reply

      Wow. What sad eyes. It breaks one's heart to see this...

    19. bradyrobinson22 26 hours ago | reply

      Awesome, Im an opiate addict in recovery for the past two years and my new found love for photography is one of the passions in life that make it harder and harder to imagine ever going back to that life and giving up all that i care about. So projects that incorporate my knowledge of that lifestyle to my photography have been on my mind and its very inspiring to see such a beautiful thought provoking project! I'll be keeping an eye on you and your work

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