Diane: Hunts Point, Bronx

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    Diane started turning tricks when she was twenty, having come to the Bronx from Yonkers. Her pimp introduced her to crack cocaine, a "god awful addiction" that she only recently kicked. She now lives in assisted housing, spending the days at a corner gas station near the main road used by the truckers.

    She is the mother of three children, who now live in Arizona with their Grandmother. She tries to talk to them as often as possible. I asked her how she wanted to be described, and she said 'as a good person. I have never hurt anyone, I just try my best to get by, make a living. I am decent.'

    I came back to get some more shots, but the police arrived, asked her to leave, and then questioned me. Maybe another day.

    More on Addiction: Faces of Addiction

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    1. proof_by_contradiction 40 months ago | reply

      Another great photo and story. I've always wondered about taking photos of cops. I haven't done it yet, but one day I walked up to a group of three and asked them if there were any rules against it...they said "no", but you better ask first (which I would do with most anyone...but especially a cop...I wouldn't want to point anything at one without permission).

    2. DEGCT 40 months ago | reply

      Such a powerful image.
      If a picture paints a thousand words....This is it!. Well done.

    3. BlueisCoool 40 months ago | reply

      A powerful capture and story !

    4. Guido de Kleijn 40 months ago | reply

      I bet she is a very friendly and wonderful person, I can see it in her smile. Sad but great story again Chris, wonderful captured in this good portrait!

    5. sg410 40 months ago | reply

      great photo and story

    6. Chris Arnade 40 months ago | reply

      Often I seek out the police and tell them why I am in a neighborhood. I only take pictures of people who want their picture taken, and most of the policemen do not and are encouraged not to be photographed.

    7. fridgeirsson 40 months ago | reply

      I am really worried about the growing fascism in the States.Great story and picture.

    8. AH in Pgh 40 months ago | reply

      yes, agreed, it's amazing how people share their real selves with you. this seems like the most difficult kind of photography to me but you keep posting great work. bless Diane.

    9. Sleepless Aquarius 40 months ago | reply

      I wonder kinds of of advice, or reasoning a police office would give you, even knowing that you arent up to anything other than photography? Do they follow you? Or ask you to be careful or leave?

    10. Sleepless Aquarius 40 months ago | reply

      I also wonder how old her children are.

    11. Chris Arnade 40 months ago | reply

      Sleepless: her children are 9 and 7. On the police I just like to give them heads up so they don't get the wrong idea about why I am walking up and down empty streets or talking to prostitutes or drug dealers.

    12. LB1147 40 months ago | reply

      The story was well told , hope things pan out for her , I must say the Street can be rough , but only the strong survive ...bless her she's a trooper!

    13. Riot_Jem 40 months ago | reply

      Another great shot.I love to read about these people even though the stories are obviously heartbreaking. I wish her all the luck in the future.I hope she finds happiness.

    14. runintherain 40 months ago | reply

      Very powerful image and thank you for providing the story, as always!

    15. adde adesokan 40 months ago | reply

      i love both image and story. you are good listener, thats for sure!

    16. lucky_dog 40 months ago | reply

      bronx is fascist state within a state. the police that work in the bronx are among the worse in nyc, and it doesn't help when a lot of them are racist.

    17. bysleightofhand1 40 months ago | reply

      Your coverage of the Bronx is phenomenal. You are commendable in every way. Keep up the fantastic work!

    18. AdamJSmithology 37 months ago | reply

      To me, this woman is prettier than a lot of people who work in highrises, etc. --The only thing wrong with her? She can be seen to be in obvious poor health. There's nothing superior to the formentioned types, so why don't we start relating more to these? --It would be a lot braver world.

    19. awkwardmoment 37 months ago | reply

      i love that she's round and curvy, set against lots of vertical lines and right angles. She becomes the softest, warmest thing in the picture...and indeed, she is. Really wonderful.

    20. Helly26 26 months ago | reply

      Your health care system really needs to change......suffering should never be an issue in THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA....very sad state of affairs.....sendin you an angel to watch over you !!!!

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