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Stranger 110 - Jesse | by ArnabKGhosal
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Stranger 110 - Jesse

I had walked past the Billionaires Boys Club just on a side street parallel to Carnaby Street a number of times thinking it would cool to take a portrait of someone in there and yesterday I took the plunge. Jesse was working in there and the place was quiet so I popped in and took my chances.


Jesse was game and patiently waited while I set my lighting up. I took a few test shots without the flash and was satisfied that some light would give it some oomph since without it Jesse's image in the frame was coming off flat. I wanted to get more of the environment in as well so I changed to my 50mm lens. I tell you what, it was hard to temporarily part with my 85mm but it had to be done.


The flash was off camera and modified using a shoot through umbrella on camera right. I had to play around with the power as too much power was causing light to bounce everywhere of all that white and was really flattening the image. I got it to a level I wanted and then took some shots. The light was still causing problems but it gave me the definition on Jesse's face that I wanted and I knew I could add back the contrast in post. I took one from this angle and also the other side too to get more of the shop which I will share later.


Jesse, who works full time in the shop, was a really cool guy and l found out that he was an East Londoner.


Tiago, my previous stranger, had left this question for him:


Describe your most embarrassing moment


Jesse: My most embarrassing moment was when my nana shaved of one of my eyebrows and I had to go to school the next day.


Me: why did she do that?


Jesse: she was meant to just shave two small lines going through it but misunderstood what I meant and shaved the whole thing off. I went into school the next day with a cap and I wouldn't take it off no matter how strongly the teachers asked.


I then went to explain a similar but completely different experience that I had in school and we had a bit of laugh about it. When I asked him what his question would be he requested a few moments to think about it as he wanted to make sure that he asked a good open question (as opposed to a closed question). Having had a few minutes his question was:


If you had to live the rest of your life as a blind person or a deaf person, which would you choose and why?



Thank you very much Jesse for being a part of my project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the


100 Strangers Flickr Group Page


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As always constructive criticism is appreciated.






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Taken on July 8, 2015