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Stranger 83 - Elisa | by ArnabKGhosal
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Stranger 83 - Elisa

After our lunch Colin, Sylvia, Katya and I headed back to Brick Lane in the hope of getting some more strangers. I really enjoyed chatting photography with these guys as we meandered down the road but with one eye always open. I had learnt to look down the side streets as you never know who you might see. As I did, I saw Elisa leaning on the wall with her jacket perfectly matching her blue headphones. without saying a word to the others I turned right onto the street and approached her. Elisa was on the phone texting someone and the way she was standing could easily have been from a lifestyle shoot.


I approached her and she agreed right away to a picture. I took a few without a reflector and then brought the white side of the reflector out to bring some soft light into her face. I tried a few shots with here smiling and not smiling. I loved her natural smiling face and decided to go with this shot in the end.


Elisa is from France originally but has been living here for one year and works as a digital assistant.


Anyway, I mentioned that she was on the phone earlier and I was soon about to find out why. After letting Elisa go and thanking her I went back to find the others. Within minutes Colin was off approaching a stranger in a hat and from the way she continued walking we weren't sure whether or not she would agree. Colin's skills of persuasion won it in the end as despite looking for her friend Carmen agreed to a few shots.


After Colin took a few cracking shots of Carmen, he let her go and rejoined us as we talked about our latest encounters. I saw Carmen coming back up the road and it looked like she had found her friend. Her friend Elisa!!!


Although I couldn't here what they were saying, I could imagine them saying "you won't believe what just happend" and to see each others face when they found out that they had both been 100 strangered minutes apart. We let the girls walk past and had a great laugh at life's little coincidences and said to Colin "And this is why I love this project"


You can check out Colin's portrait here


Thank you Elisa for being a part of my project.


Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the


100 Strangers Flickr Group Page


Connect with me on my facebook page: Shooting the Streets


As always any critique welcome.





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Taken on August 10, 2014