Economic Suicide



  • Joel Reeves 7y

    LOL great picture! you should this to Visa
  • Jennifer 7y

    Brilliant idea, executed (ahem) perfectly.
    Great photo!
  • eric731 7y

    Awesome!! Consider posting this pic on:
  • jimmy brown 7y

    Cool and creative. A fave now - jimmy
  • ruchit sakhariya 7y

    crazy creativity man...loved it...
  • Jιℓℓ 7y

  • R C 7y

    Heh! Great Concept! So telling...8/10!
  • Christoph Zurbuchen 7y

    Lol good idea ! I first thought it was a classic pic of gun with some ID card .
  • Maciej Zagozda 7y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Home Budget, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Money Market Expert 6y

    Some people say that money is what's led us wrong in these times. Money is evil and greedy and self-centered and that money has no value or worth in a moral sense.

    I disagree. Money does mean something. Where would we be without money. Money, in its purest form, is a symbol for value. When man provides real value to society, money is a natural consequence. It may not be the only consequence aka love, service, bartering. But money is the simplest and most efficient way to represent value.

    It's not money which has led us wrong. It is the misuse of money. The act of gaining money by providing little or no value. And credit and the misuse of it can be considered one of the main culprits. Once upon a time, credit was only assumed in the most dire of circumstances (burgeoning buisiness, ambitious farmers, etc) and it was assumed under manageable rates and periods of time. But the irresponsibility of both the creditor and the debtor have brought about radical imbalances in the financial structure of this world.

    Excellent Picture. Really hit home with me.

    Scared about the instability of the banking industry? Well not all banks are insecure. Find out at Money Market
  • MustangSheila 6y

    Hahaha, yikes! Too funny, and a little scary also.
    Nice shot of a nice shot.
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