Suspended Forest: Public Art Christmas Tree Installation 2013
Michael Neff
Suspended Forest, 2013
Discarded Christmas trees, twine
Dimensions variable
Installed January 6–17, 2013 in Williamsburg, Brookyln

Suspended Forest is the second incarnation of an installation of discarded Christmas trees under the BQE in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

After December 25th, New York sidewalks are crowded with stacked Christmas trees that no longer serve a purpose. I wanted to give these trees another opportunity, and perhaps encourage people to think about our consumption around Christmas.

This year I hung 35 trees side by side by side in an unused space under the BQE in Williamsburg that is fenced off from the public, creating an unexpected and enchanting presence in an otherwise drab stretch of pavement under the highway. This area is bordered by Metropolitan Avenue which provides a lot of foot traffic, and therefore an ever changing audience. I enjoy installing art in the public sphere as it has the opportunity to be seen by and affect people who might otherwise miss it were installed in a typical sanctioned art space.

Read the article I wrote for GOOD Magazine about installing Suspended Forest.

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