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One Lightbulb To Rule Them All

This is a new compact fluorescent lightbulb from General Electric. It's the next generation of lightbulbs. This little guy puts out the equivalent of a 100 watt lightbulb for only 26 watts! Which means it can last 10 times longer (5+ years) than an ordinary incandescent bulb. That's an energy savings of $59 for every new lightbulb you install. And the best part is you can get 'em at the local drugstore or WalMart for less than five bucks... easily paying for itself in a few months! My related post...


As seen online: Yodel Anecdotal, Move, Destination Fantastic, and Ben Rowe.


As seen in print: featured in Worldwatch Institute's slideshow and summary document for their State of the World 2008 report. (thanks zoe!)


As seen in person: featured in the Sierra Club's Smart Energy Solutions booth at the Green Festival in Washington, DC (October 14-15, 2007). (thanks chris!)


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Taken on August 25, 2006