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Feliz Aniversário, Alenilda!

Walking iris (Neomarica candida) Ipê-amarelo (Tabebuia chrysotricha) Primavera (Bougainvillea spectabilis) Orchids Pink rose Caliandra Abricó-de-macaco (Couroupita guianensis) Abricó-de-macaco (Couroupita guianensis) Abricó-de-macaco (Couroupita guianensis) Spring After the rain Heart to heart The difficulty in life is the choice (George Moore) Trombeta rosa (Brugmansia suaveolens rosea) Guava tree - flowers and fruit PEACE Dahlia pinnata I do not wish you the life of a rose Life is colorful!

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Sir Gawins says:

Love this really very nice flowers photos
and the way how you taken it ! Congrats mu Flickr friend.
Posted ages ago. ( permalink )

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Dallas08 says:

Wow, you do really nice work. I love the florals.
Posted 110 months ago. ( permalink )

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Zélia Doneux Rebske says:

Bonita coleção! Fiz uma viagem, vendo flores de minha infância que não via a tempos.
Posted 106 months ago. ( permalink )

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rabidash* says:

~Xllent set ~
Posted 90 months ago. ( permalink )

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Elena14u2012 says:

Wahat a splendid collection of flowershots!
Posted 35 months ago. ( permalink )

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