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    i gotta remember to take a step back. im always the closest one to the camera, so im always huge in the frame.
  • ashley
  • amy
  • jen...arrived a few hours late, but just in time for the group shot. :)
  • ashley's husband
  • carol
  • aaron
  • mike
  • tracie
  • erica
  • trish's sister
  • trish
  • kristine
  • wireless remote in my hand.

    for previous group shots like this, id set the camera on self timer and hope that everyone was looking at the camera when the shutter released. i got wise and started using my remote so i could fire away and do multiple shots at once.
  • oh, sure, blame the LENS for that gut of yours - paul_ark

Year 2 ~ Day 83: Mixing at Laguna Beach

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I've been missing out on many of the mixr's lately so Carol asked me one night to pick a date in which I could make one and then she picked one of the dates I listed and planned the Mixr for that day to ensure I wouldn't skip it. :D Thanks Carol (and Aaron) for planning the meetup. Had a good time as usual.

This is a group shot of all of the adult Flickrers. I got a separate shot of all the kids...minus Danny who was napping. :(

Here's a bigger view and rotated 180 degrees since it's a challenge making out people's faces when they are upside down. :)

  1. Extra Medium 108 months ago | reply

    I don't know how many more times I'm going to say, "next time"

  2. Right Moon 108 months ago | reply

    neat shot, pete. quite a circle of friends you've got there ;-)

  3. inkyblack 108 months ago | reply

    ohhh yay!!!! i really really really love these shots!! the mixer was purely for selfish reasons...i wanted to be in one of your circle of friends pictures :)

    ps... sorry to everyone who walked miles from the nonexistent parking!!

  4. KpucmuHa {Kristina} 108 months ago | reply

    dang! I missed an opportunity to be in a fish eye shot! I guess me and beach mixers don't mix, because I have yet to go to one. At least I had a good reason to miss this one.

  5. Scarlet traces 108 months ago | reply

    fantastic and cool!

  6. arkworld 108 months ago | reply

    john...yeah i was thinking you might show up. next time. :D lol

    melissa...thanks. only 13 people in one. my record for the most in a group fisheye is 23. :)

    carol...lmao! you are now one of the cool kids. :)

    erica...thanks. pleasure meeting you and your kids. great to see you in action with the polaroid. fun talking polaroid shop with ya too.

    kristina...sorry you couldn't make it. so what was your good reason?

    david...haha. thought we'd see you there today. weren't you going to check with the boss? ;)

    scarlet traces...thank you!

  7. rebecca lopez 108 months ago | reply

    You guys always look like you have so much fun...man, I wish I lived in Cali. LOL

  8. not.here [deleted] 108 months ago | reply

    love these as additions to the mixrs too Pete... you are the 'must have' accessory :) Glad to chat with the family again... hope your trip home wasn't too long.

  9. meg manion photography 108 months ago | reply

    laguna beach my fav!!! that's it, i'm moving!!!

  10. PhotoKat 108 months ago | reply

    Did you get my flickrmail?? Wah. Stoopid basketball. LOL! Next time!

  11. Trish McCoy 108 months ago | reply

    Looks great. LOVE IT!!

  12. Deirdre B 108 months ago | reply

    Great shot of everyone! I love the little one peeking between the legs. lol

  13. somewheretropical 108 months ago | reply

    Wow Pete this is one serious fish!!! Thanks for involving me... had a lot of fun meeting everyone. Sorry, I forgot to tell the early departers that I had an ice chest full of chilled organic black berries and raspberries to hand out :( Those who got some at the end... I hope you enjoyed them :)

    ... and now I am going to have to change my id picture as I was told it made me look way older than in person :)

  14. [ aboring ] 108 months ago | reply

    oh i just remembered we took those other fish eye shots. Can't wait to see those. lol!

  15. Traciѐ 108 months ago | reply

    Awesome as always pete... but what the heck kinda face am I making? DORKASAUROUS! :)

  16. kriswoo 108 months ago | reply

    oh man. looks like you all had FUN!!!

  17. RINAJO.DK 107 months ago | reply

    i so hope u guys will be having a mixr when i come over :)

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