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You want to stick that in my ear?!? | by arkworld
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You want to stick that in my ear?!?

Many Asian people use a tool to remove ear wax. I personally have 2 or 3 of these tools around the house. It's an essential part of our household. In fact, both Jane and I will get irritated if we can't find the tool. It's rather small, so it gets misplaced or lost fairly often. The ones we have are thin metal rods about 4-5 inches long and the end is curved...sorta like a mini spoon. You insert it into your ear canal and you use the curved end to scrape out the ear wax. You're inserting a metal rod in your ear, so it takes a careful and steady hand. One slipup and you're going to hurt or damage your ear canal. I've become quite an expert at doing I'm not concerned with the hazards. It's not good to remove ear wax too often since sometimes ear wax can protect the organs in your ear, but I do it just about every day anyways. It just feels too damn good. Sometimes when I'm walking around the house, if I see the tool, I'll grab it and use it a little. Even if I have no ear wax in my ears, I use it anyways to scratch the inside my ear. Okay, so I'm a little weird.


Growing up, I used to have my mom remove the ear wax for me. Every once in a while she would call out to me and my brothers in Thai, "Come here, let me clean your ear." And we would come running over and she would use her tools(she had three of them) on us. One was the one I descibed above. She would use that to loosen the ear wax. Then she would use this other tool that looked like a long, very thin pair of tweasers. She would use that to pick out the ear wax. Then she would use this other tool, which was a plastic stick with this puffy feather-like ball on the end, and that was more or less to tickle the inside of our ear....that felt really good too.


Ever since I turned 18 or so, I started using the tool on my own. I feel very uncomfortable having someone else clean my ears now. Maybe I'm paranoid that she will poke my eardrum with the tool. Anyways, now when we visit my parents, my mom removes the ear wax from Jessie and Sydney's ear. The kids loooooooves it. It's hard to get them to sit still, but when it comes to this, they will sit or lie down like a statue and not move. They've even fallen asleep while my mom was doing it. Pure heaven. :)


Several years back when I was at my old job, I brought the tool with me to work. I just kept it on my desk and whenever I had a really bad itch in my ear, I would use it...better than sticking a pen in my ear right? Well once, my coworker Eric walked by my desk and he saw it. He picked it up and was all, "What the hell is this?!?" I told him to guess. He asked me if it was some kind of drug paraphernalia. Haha. Soon he was calling our other coworkers to have them come over and look at it. It was quite embarassing.


So what exactly is ear wax and why should it be removed? The pores in the skin that lines the ear canal are connected to the cerumen gland, which processes unwanted substances such as yeast, sugars, and fluids along with protein matter, fats, and carbohydrates in producing ear wax twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. When these pores have too much ear wax, they become swollen and that can create some problems such as difficulty hearing(sometimes deafness), pain in the ears or eyes, or hearing ringing noises. So clean those ears! Just don't use Q-tips to do it because they can push the ear wax deeper into the ear canal. Actually I do use Q-tips inside my ear(even though they tell you not to), but that's only after I have used my tool.


[pictures of it being used]

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Taken on February 23, 2006