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On April 14th 2012, at 4am... I and a a fellow friend/photographer/model started shooting for THE 24 HOUR PROJECT. This project is something I came up with at the end of 2011 after I completed my 365 project. I wanted to do something that was just as challenging as my 365 project, but didn't involve taking up a full year of my life. The premise of this project was to take 1 photo, every hour, for 24 hours straight. There was a ton of planning involved in this, and the planning was almost more difficult than the actual shooting... almost. Each photograph was restricted to 1 hour, it HAD to be shot within that hour. That included travel to the shoot location, doing hair/makeup/wardrobe, setting up lights, etc... Over the course of the 24 hours, we traveled to 8 locations over a 40-mile area... mixing it up between indoor and outdoor locations.


I never would have expected THE 24 HOUR PROJECT to be all that difficult, but I have to be honest with you... I believe that it may have been MORE difficult than my 365 project. I think a lot of it had to do with a lack of sleep prior to starting the shoot, because with all the planning going on, we only got 1 hour of sleep before we started shooting. And then to push your body and mind for 24 hours straight... yeah... it was hell.


Once the shoot was complete, we did our best to post-process the images as quickly as possible, and design and upload a book. So, once the shoot was complete, we still did not have the luxury of being able to kick-back and relax... we kept burning the midnight oil until everything was done.


We did our best to create images that spanned a range of emotions and topics. Funny, romantic, artistic, and creepy... work that fits right in with the style that we are most familiar with. We think we accomplished that goal, and think that you will enjoy the range we covered.


So here it is... Above you can see the cover of the book. Below are links to the "movie trailer" we put together, as well as links to the books over on Blurb. Please take a moment to check it all out. And if it seems like something you would like to see more of, please pick up a copy of the book (we offer it in 2 different sizes, as well as in eBook format).


Thank you, and have a great day!!!


Movie Trailer

Blurb 12"x12" Book (Hardcover and eBook)

Blurb 7"x7" Book (Hardcover, Softcover, and eBook)


Eventually we will be posting some BTS photos and videos from our day of shooting... so if you'd like to see some of that, consider hopping over to my Facebook Page and clicking "Like" to follow.

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Taken on April 21, 2012