Vash & Wolfwood

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    aaah I swear I'll make something non-Trigun related one of these days

    In other news, anyone who hasn't seen Trigun: Badlands Rumble needs to immediately. Because DONUTS.

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    1. mahjqa 66 months ago | reply

      I absloutely LOVE Vash's posing here.

    2. tadashistate 66 months ago | reply

      This is great! I new exactly what it was from the thumb, fantastic posing!

    3. Dirkus Diggler 66 months ago | reply

      Nice muscles on Wolfwood, haha. Can I watch Badlands Rumble online or do I have to torrent it?

    4. optimus-convoy 66 months ago | reply

      Very recognizable, even without any facial features.
      Have they dubbed Badlands Rumble yet? I'm oh so used to the English voices.

    5. iDurk [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

      Full Metal Alchemist ?
      Anyway nice figs love the one with the giant cross.

    6. mahjqa 66 months ago | reply

      iDurk Trigun. It says so in the description.

    7. Arkov. 66 months ago | reply

      Dirkus Diggler I'm pretty sure you can watch it online.
      Kevin Huxtable Nope. We probably won't get dubs until 2012 or so. I'm also used to the English voices, but the movie is fantastic regardless.
      iDurk mahjqa's right. I don't blame you though, quite a few people get Vash & Edward mixed up. ;)

    8. Derek Almen 66 months ago | reply

      I forgot all about this movie. I'll have to go find it. Trigun is the anime I've rewatched the most. So good.

    9. The Flying Brick 66 months ago | reply

      The guy in the back looks like Edward Elric :D

    10. Arkov. 66 months ago | reply

      Iain Heath Thanks! Quite honored, as usual. ;)

    11. Julianosaurus 54 months ago | reply

      That blonde guy looks a bit like Ed Erlic...

    12. Derek Almen 54 months ago | reply

      Aidan My last name is none of our business internet pedos and Julian
      Um, no. Vash styles his hair up, whereas Ed has long hair and a ponytail. Vash is tall with a long coat and Ed is short with a shorter coat. Although yeah, their hair and clothing colors are pretty much the same. Oh and they have very different personalities.

    13. legosamurai 53 months ago | reply

      Hehehe so freak great!

      Vash running is classic

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