Pinetop Arizona vacation, 2012
Rain! Rain! Rain!

This must have been the wettest vaction ever, at least for us. As an Arizona native I really appreciate the rain and enjoy sitting on the porch listening ot it fall. But is is nice to fit in something else. Fortunately, we were able to fit our usual vacation activities in between storms.
On this trip I fell back on my old OM system macro technique of setting manual exposure at f22 and hand holding the flash. With a guide number of 75 feet and an effective f-stop of about 32 due to the macro focusing this allows the flash to be held a couple of feet away from the subject.

Monday, August 20
Drive to Pinetop, check in to our rented cabin and crash.

Tuesday, August 21
Early morning clouds cleared off to allow us to hike down to Walnut Creek. We made it back in time to enjoy the afternoon thunder storm from the porch.

Wednesday, August 22
It rained all morning but cleared to let us drive (the trails were really sloppy) down to Woodland Lake for the afternoon.

Thursday, August 23
We woke to a thunderstorm that cleared in time to allow a visit to Big Springs before the storms moved in for the afternoon.

Friday, August 24
We returned to Tucson with four quarts of the Best Beets in the World, with a quick shower to send us off just south of Globe on the way home.
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