Australia 2013
Australian Tour April 2013

19.04 Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney
20.04 Waiting Room, Brisbane
23.04 Make it Up Club, Bar Open, Melbourne
25.04 Avantwhatever Monthly, The Alderman, Melbourne
28.04 Pretty Gritty, 107 Projects, Sydney

Thanks to Ollie Bown, Benjamin Thompson, Lawrence English, Gail Priest, Lloyd Honeybrook, Sean Baxter and Ben Byrne for organizing the shows.

Especially thanks to Benjamin Thompson & Kristin Gullvik in Brisbane, Ben Byrne and Miyuki Jokiranta in Melbourne, Paul Gough (Pimmon) & Paige Gibbs in Sydney, for opening their homes, hosting, feeding, guiding and driving me around. Australia you rocks!!
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