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tarantino in farsi | by ario_
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tarantino in farsi

Watching Western movies out here is a trip. Any scene showing a female displaying too much skin is completely removed (same goes for scenes that show any kind of sexuality, displays of affection, or verbal references to sexual activity).


On the other hand, curse words, racial epithets, and extreme violence are perfectly ok and lead to some interesting dialogue translations.


In Jackie Brown for example, people being shot at point blank range is totally fine, but Bridget Fonda's character is pretty much removed from the entire film since she's always wearing a bikini. Speaking of bikini's, you can only imagine what they did to the first scene of the movie with the bikini gun babes... it looks like the editor was on crack.


It's sort of like a hyperized version the censorship you see on American television where it's a huge deal if they show a bare ass, but no biggie if some family of six jumps into a pile of pig poo on Fear Factor.

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Taken on December 30, 2005