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For man is a tree of the field (Deut. 20:19) (Japanese Maple)

How is a tree like a person?


Trees have three basic parts: roots, wood parts, and fruit and seed parts.

Roots are parallel to faith: source of nurture and perseverance.

Trunk, branches and leave correspond to the body of our spiritual lives: intellectual, emotional and practical achievements.

Fruit and seeds: the power of spiritual procreation, influence others to grow and bear fruit.


While roots are the least glamorous, they are the most crucial. Without majesty, color or taste, they are the part that is the source of the tree's life. If the roots are strong the tree will be strong.


Faith is the least glamorous of the spiritual faculties. It is hidden. Faith in God is a simple conviction, independent of logical arguments and unmoved by intellectual proofs. The intellect and emotions, when divorced from faith, can even seem to go against simple faith. But it is faith that keeps the individual strong even during the worst weather.


(The analogy for the fruit part will be saved for another picture. This has been quite enough for me......)

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Taken on June 1, 2008