History of Bekasi
In November 2019 Jayatara made a visit to Bekasi, one of Jakarta's suburbans renowned for its distance from the metropolitan and rate of industrialisation. Few would expect Bekasi to have a historical past.

In addition to being one of the ancient towns mentioned in Tarumanagara's inscriptions, Bekasi, in fact is also rich in history as we explored it.

We visited Hok Lay Kiong, Bekasi's oldest chinese temple by Bekasi river which was used as a transportation route; Monumen Kali Bekasi, a remnant of a Dutch fort where 90 Japanese prisoners of war were slaughtered by local fighters; Gedong Papak, a former residence of a chinese landlord; Gedung Juang Tambun, another chinese landlord's mansion where for the first time we found a glass floor from the dutch colonial era; Cibeureum lake; tomb of Mbah Raden, one of the first islamic preachers in Bekasi; and Saung Ranggon, an ancient Betawi house from the 16th century built by prince Rangga, the son of prince Jayakarta, a ruler in Banten.

There were many other historical places in Bekasi that we didn't have time to visit. We will surely come to them when we visit Bekasi again.
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