The Forgotten City of Cirebon
This was my 2nd trip to Cirebon to explore the old town in its totality. This time I went with my culture enthusiast group, Jayatara, on February 2-5, 2019.

Cirebon is one amongst the first islamic sultanates of Java, immediately founded after the Demak sultanate. It is often overlooked by history travellers. In fact, Cirebon retains much of its early sultanate architecture, in contrast to other areas in Java, which can give us a glimpse of how early javanese islamic societies might have looked like and lived. It was a society founded on new values with a heavy Hindu influence.

Among the most often overlooked places in Cirebon is Pakungwati, Cirebon's earliest sultanate palace, located within the precinct of the Kasepuhan palace. Its architecture is a strong exhibit of that from the Hindu era.
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