The Trails of Tarumanagara Kingdom
Not so many people know that in the vicinity of Jakarta, the largest metropolis of Indonesia, there is a serene and historically rich place.

I was interested in visiting the northern area of Karawang, 1,5 hour car drive from Jakarta, after I read that there is a large ancient Buddhist temple complex there that not so many people know.

What I and my friends found when we arrived there was beyond expectation. Not only did we see tens of remaining foundations of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples in the areas of Batujaya and Cibuaya, we also witnessed a myriad of unexcavated earth mounds suspected by archaeologists to contain more ancient temple foundations along the banks of Citarum river, remnants of ancient settlements, cemeteries, and ship wrecks from the Hindu-Buddhist and prehistoric eras.

Since archaeologists this area was under the government of the Tarumanagara kingdom, it could very well be its own capital. That this area now retreats to tranquility contradicts the huge importance it must have had in the distant past.
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