Trails of Ancient Mataram Kingdom (Part-1)
My obsession with Ancient Mataram kingdom began when I started delving into the history of Indonesia during the Hindu-Buddhist era.

From all the ancient kingdoms that once reigned many parts of Indonesia, I discovered that Ancient Mataram was one of the first and yet probably also the strongest and most prosperous.

History recorded that Mataram's rule stretched from Cambodia in the West to southern Philippines in the East as evidenced by Sdok Kok Thom and Laguna inscriptions, especially when it merged with the Srivijaya kingdom of Sumatra. During its reign, Mataram also built tens of large temple complexes, such as Borobudur and Prambanan, and hundreds of smaller temple complexes around the area of modern Yogyakarta, unable to be replicated in size or number by the successive kingdoms. However, despite all its achievements, nobody has ever found the location of Mataram's palace. The earth still keeps its secret tight.

This solo trip of mine to Yogyakarta and its surrounding is one of a series of trips to discover, record, and appreciate all the glory that was Ancient Mataram.
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