• Victoria's Secret "brand manager" before he noticed me and came out of the store

Victoria's Secret Black Friday at Westfield San Francisco Centre 2009

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The Victoria's Secret "brand manager" told me I couldn't take photos of the store.

I told him I had taken many photos already of the store in the Westin St Francis Building.


He said I couldn't take photos there either.

I pointed out Black Friday is a news event & he couldn't stop people from taking photos from a public sidewalk.

He said he still didn't want anyone to and threatened to call security on me, so I didn't get to point out to him that Victoria's Secret publishes 400 million catalogs a year with many of the same images.

Plus advertising, tv shows, and even an iPhone app


12 Days of Shopping




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  1. iowapix 66 months ago | reply

    I would not have been that polite. If this goof's over-the-shoulder boulder holders are in plain sight in public, you can take the photo.

    It is not likely that any trademark or copyright claim can be made against anyone taking editorial or non-commercial photos of merchandise displayed in public.

    This d-head does not have enought work to keep busy.

  2. OldUncleMe 66 months ago | reply

    VS's underwear is highly overpriced, probably made in sweat shops and the company as a whole promotes negative body images for females. Who really cares what THEY want?


  3. iowapix 65 months ago | reply

    Tonight Show 12-01


    Last night the Tonight Show had Pierre Bernard trooping around LA modeling the Victoria's Secret $5 million dollar diamond jockstrap. The "brand manager" must have been busy at the hemp clinic when that feature was filmed.

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