Bank of America security trying to prevent me from taking a photo during the Iraq war protest

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I started to take a photo of the Bank of America which had been closed because of the protest and they told me I wasn't allowed to.

I explained I was on a public sidewalk. One of them gestured to an imaginary
line which they said was the Bank of America's property. Even if that was the case, I was a few feet beyond it.

I started taking some photos and they certainly didn't represent the Bank of America in a very favorable way (ie. like complete assholes). And now these photos are tagged Bank of America and will come up in searches.

I then noticed that red paint had been thrown high up on the window. Still, pretty mild compared to some of the Vietnam era protests against B of A.

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  1. Saintbridge 74 months ago | reply

    The Web site Photojojo offers a primer on the rights of photographers. It is a handy reminder for the experienced shooter and enlightening and instructive for the newbie.

    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)

  2. burtonator 74 months ago | reply

    ++Saintbridge... lol

  3. davitydave 74 months ago | reply

    Sieg Heil much?

  4. evan has got nothing to say 74 months ago | reply

    As a photographer you should be aware of the new laws regarded taking photos of douche bags with guns. It is no longer allowed and you will be charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism.

  5. James Cridland 74 months ago | reply

    Thanks for posting this CC. I'm now using it at which should mean it gets seen by a good 500 more people! ;)

    Great photo.

  6. ©HTO3 74 months ago | reply

    great shot

  7. CoCreatr 74 months ago | reply

    Cool documentary.

    Congratulations, seen on Explore. 589 views, 11 faves.

  8. *Allison 74 months ago | reply

    Wow! How shameful! So much for freedom. Great shot though!!

  9. philosaurus 73 months ago | reply

    You should use this photo to start a new group: photos of security guard's hands.
    Great pic!

  10. Jeremy Brooks 61 months ago | reply

    Bunch of asshats. The "guard" in front of the BofA at Market & New Montgomery tried to tell me I could not take photos. He took my photos so that he could report me when the bank was robbed as a suspect.

  11. lucky_dog 60 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Self-Important Assholes, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  12. Redfishingboat (Mick O) 43 months ago | reply

    Wow this photo is on the front page of HuffingtonPost right now. Did they get yer permission?

  13. bethhowe1 34 months ago | reply

    This photo is being used by Business Insider - I hope you gave permission

  14. James Cridland 34 months ago | reply

    Beth, Mick: it's creative commons. Please read how CC works, and then licence your photos accordingly.

  15. @b8375629 34 months ago | reply

    Jesus, what a couple of shitheads. Fascist goons.

  16. 30 months ago | reply

    Great photo, thanks for making it Creative Commons! We paired this with a story on our non-profit news website:

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