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ARM Mobile Climate Facility - 2

Following a six-month land-based campaign in the Maldives to study tropical convective clouds, the Department of Energy’s second Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) mobile facility, called AMF2, is being readied for its first marine-based research campaign aboard a cargo container ship in the Pacific Ocean.


The container pictured here is called the "Operations Van". It will be deployed on the Bridge Deck of the Horizon Spirit, a cargo containment ship, for a year, while collecting climate data. It houses the data system that collects and transfers the data from all the various sensors. Some sensors are located on the roof, while others are located inside the container and view the sky through portholes in the roof. Also inside are work areas for the on-site technicians and limited storage for tools and spare parts.


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Photo by Wes Agresta / Courtesy Argonne National Laboratory



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Taken on July 26, 2012