A moment of truth (2003-07-082)

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    This is one of the most interesting things I've seen in life and surely one of the greatest moments I have ever experienced... I still can't believe it may be true. It's a plastic ice-cream bag being swirled by the water spring. You can see drops of water smashed in the air. The plastic bag is not going to fall or jump off! It's in perfect balance being guided by water stem. The bag slowly goes up and down, up and down, and constantly swirling too fast. And this motion never ends! I stood still and watched it for several minutes, made a few shots and even caught a video. It felt like God was playing macro physics in nature. A never-ending harmony of motion. Plastic bag and water spring are dancing in the air. And water drops are tangentially smashing around by this balanced circular motion. God plays balance. A point of truth. A point of equilibrium. Forever.

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    1. smalldogs 101 months ago | reply

      how bizarre! makes for a cool shot.

    2. Anaderi 101 months ago | reply

      So similar to our lives: on daily basis you have to turn the way too fast to keep alive, but from month to month , year to year, you go up and down in very slow and confident manner. Until the wind blow occasionally and ice-cream bag will find itself somewhere else -)

    3. kerianna09 [deleted] 101 months ago | reply

      this is really cool. how long did it take you to get the right shot?

    4. Argenberg 100 months ago | reply


      You've made a wonderful comment. To add a few words: ...and all of this just a play of God, and nothing else and nothing more...


      It was easy, I made several shots easily. Some shots were more smeared, some are less.

    5. HandsOff 100 months ago | reply

      Neat! It's almost as if the an elaborate hoax is being played on all of humanity, then, when he is sure no one else is watching, God says, "Pssst, Arg, check this out. No one knows whats going on but you and me."

    6. Argenberg 100 months ago | reply

      Sure. It felt like this. Actually there were a couple of boys alongside me. All of us were watching. All of us had been selected :)

    7. George the Greek 100 months ago | reply

      Nice dynamics experiment!

    8. LucaPicciau 99 months ago | reply

      Fabulous irrisistible image, simply beautiful!

    9. allPowerde 99 months ago | reply

      You should poste that to the Group Catching the Moment

    10. hollingsworth_charles 66 months ago | reply

      Looking closly ,I can see that nearly half the water ,[vector sums],goes to left of center of the vertical edge.The friction of the water might be producing electrostatic charge to plastic.Reacting to the dipolarity caractrists of water[H-,O+].The resultant forces seams to balance the force and aceleration reactions by the vectors of their mass ,attraction and release.

      I wonder if applieing the consept of electrostatic flow to hulls of ships might reduce drag and cut fuel consumption?

      Or other fluid dynamic problems?

    11. amil6720 59 months ago | reply

      Hey, add the video on youtube and post here a link! :)

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