Linda Vista "Abandoned" Hospital 2010
I was invited and privileged to take pictures at the abandoned and supposedly haunted Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles, CA (Boyle Heights area).

As I understand, not just anyone can roam free like we were able to....a very special Thank You to my friend, Roo for organizing this.

This abandoned hospital is often used for filming many movies and cable television shows. A few times, I saw a few film call sheets in few of the rooms for some films dating back to 2005.

As I wrote this.....I also decided to watch the episode of "Ghost Adventures - Season II" about the Linda Vista Hospital.....OMG.....I am CREEPED out - if your interested, search on YouTube for the "Ghost Adventures - Linda Vista Hospital" and watch the 1/2 hour episode.

I took pictures in the fake morgue and original morgue, autopsy room, boiler room, basement, surgical, mental wards, patient rooms, etc. Often times walking through the hospital, the only way to get there was to use a flashlight...example the basement, morgue and autopsy room.

Although the hospital is now one big film prop, I still found myself walking through the hospital often feeling strange. Walking through the many dark rooms and hallways still gave me the chills that cannot be explained.

These are a few of the pictures I took through the eyes of my camera.

It was a FUN & SPINE TINGLING experience!
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