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    1. rach! 103 months ago | reply

      beige on beige on beige!

    2. halcyonsnow 103 months ago | reply

      Nice suit, John.

    3. Ko:(char *)hook 103 months ago | reply

      John's baseball game is significantly less far along than Mr. Plimpton's. (The first inning vs. the sixth.) It's almost as if people don't want to play Intellivision Major League Baseball in this day and age.

    4. El Payo 103 months ago | reply

      This is teh awesome. That orange tie really brings out the 'pert' in his expertise.

    5. dutchb0y 103 months ago | reply

      Awesome.. and you got boingboinged to boot. :)

    6. Dan Coulter 103 months ago | reply

      I totally had that baseball game on my Apple II C back in the day.

    7. chrismealy 103 months ago | reply

      It's true, hardly anyone will get it, but for us happy few, that is comedy gold. John Hodgman, thank you.

    8. Alexander Somma 103 months ago | reply

      I find that the almost deific gradient in the beige is what ties the whole thing together. It says Place all your trust in me.

    9. jawboneradio 103 months ago | reply

      You are the wind beneath my wings, Mr. Hodgman.

    10. Annje 103 months ago | reply

      To the pure genius that is John Hodgman I lift my glass and salute you sir!

    11. Annie Wu. 103 months ago | reply

      This makes me want to buy the book all over again. And again. And again.

      I think I will.

    12. martoon 103 months ago | reply

      hahahahahahahahahaha! Awesome!

      p.s. - Ever notice how word-smithery the comments get once something is boing-boinged?

    13. mgenrich 103 months ago | reply

      If there were any doubts in your mind that Hodgman is God, let this photograph erase them immediately.

    14. R Hennessy 103 months ago | reply

      Hey, a person who looks like John Hodgman in an old Atari ad....


    15. Kodamakitty 103 months ago | reply

      Very handsome. That's a very "I'm-not-wearing-any-pants,-film-at-11" expression you have there and i'm totally loving it.


    16. ill lich 103 months ago | reply

      Hodg-man, I find you strangely funny.

      I was just wondering-- in those Macintosh TV ads-- WHICH of you is considered he "straight man" of the comedy duo?

    17. Blake C. Himsl Hunter 103 months ago | reply

      great ad, was it your idea or the AD? Either way it's igenious and sells the book perfectly.

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