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We just have restocked some helmets you might interesting, Cody helmet, Appo Helmet, Bly helmet and Bacara helmet. I know it's not enough to full up your custom needs. But at least hold on a while and we will keep making more interesting items in future. BTW don't missing them this time. We don't guarantee when the release time to restock them again.

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  1. Ma₪go 29 months ago | reply

    Yes defo xmas order :3

  2. ~GIOVANNI~ 29 months ago | reply

    when are you going to restock the boss helmet?

  3. Confuzzled Apples 29 months ago | reply

    He hopes before Christmas, but if that doesn't work. It'll happen after the holidays.

  4. yoshix 29 months ago | reply

    My order came in!

  5. ThaLEGOMarine 29 months ago | reply

    These are great helmets. I have to ask, will you ever make pahse 1/Clone Wars style helmets too, or are you just going to keep on making phase 2 helmets with some other helmets like at-rt, arf and commando?

  6. Confuzzled Apples 29 months ago | reply

    Phase 1 helmets are highly unlikely in the foreseeable future. Basically, don't count on them being made.

  7. legotrooper575 28 months ago | reply

    plz respond wat decal did u put on the 501st clone

  8. StudMuffin1120 28 months ago | reply

    yeah what lego trooper575 sad

  9. starwarsboy1 25 months ago | reply

    I agree with tha lego marine they should make ep 1 helmets

  10. ZombyDood 23 months ago | reply

    i would like to get cody and barraca please

  11. Confuzzled Apples 23 months ago | reply

    Sorry, when things are out of stock there is no set date for when they restock. Arealight is working on making new product right now as well so he doesn't really have time to do reprints. Also please don't ask what he's working on. That's still information that can't be disclosed.

  12. --{$lapbrick}-- [deleted] 23 months ago | reply


  13. Confuzzled Apples 23 months ago | reply

    Arealight is currently working on new product. We can't give details though.

  14. Confuzzled Apples 23 months ago | reply

    Unfortunately, that cannot be done.

    May I ask you remove that picture. I am currently handling the situation. :) Plus Children browse these pictures and it isn't my personal stream.

  15. -[STORM]- 20 months ago | reply

    Necropost. ^.^

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