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The Appalachian Photographic Archive is a unique collection of photographs representing life, nature, industry, and culture in the Appalachian region. The collection resides in the Archives of Appalachia, part of the Center for Appalachian Studies and Services at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee.

The Appalachian Photographic Archive contains prints not found in other Appalachian collections and are arranged by subject, location, and/or photograph type. The photographs come from many different sources, as members of the community often donate small batches of photographs to the Archives of Appalachia. The subject list can be found here.

We have launched this collection with photographs illustrating Johnson City. These are among the most commonly requested photos in the Appalachian Photographic Archive, and offer an excellent virtual historical tour of the city.

The images available in this Flickr collection are to be used for personal and educational purposes only. Should you desire a higher quality reproduction of an image seen here, please contact the Archives of Appalachia directly to request a duplicate, if available. For more information, please see our Filckr policy statement.



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