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Keratech Façade Builders in Tilburg, Holland

The newly constructed branch of Keratech Façade Builders in Tilburg, Holland, is the introductory building to an industrial area which is still quite young. Linear details and easily recognizable functions underline the expressive power of the building. The offices are located in the upper part of the building which is clad with an ArGeTon façade, under which there is an anthracite coloured hall section made of steel trapezoidal sheeting.



Joep Jacobs


Project: Commercial building of Keratech Gevelsystemen BV, Tilburg

Client: Keratech, Paul Kremers

Architect: Van den Hout & Kolen architecten, Tilburg, www.charcoal.nl

Façade work: Keratech Gevelsystemen BV, Tilburg, www.keratech.nl

Façade: ArGeTon panels, 225 x 750 mm, granite grey, www.argeton.com


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Taken on June 12, 2010