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Misty Mountain Citadel | by Lonnie's Life
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Misty Mountain Citadel

Helix the Minotaur Mage & his wife Naia the Peasant awoke after a losing battle with three Grimlocks sent to capture Shanya the Rock-Elf to find themselves facing three Reggelids on the dias. After one riund of combat Naia is knocked unconcious with a staff blow to the leg. Helix manages to wound Reggelid #1 with his rod of lightning. In the third round of combat Helix takes a blow to the leg and losses conciousness as his leg shatters with compound fractures. Both Naia and Helix become Giant Spider food for the Reggelids pet, and Shanya the Rock-Elf gets to breed strong Reggelid babies.

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Taken on December 1, 2009