Steven Skollar- Unique Works

Steven Skollar is from New York City and is enjoying the unprecedented success and building an international reputation. Working with a technique that might be the envy of a 17th century Dutch Master, Skollar takes his superb mastery of that rather somber style and stands it on its head by applying it to the detritus of our collective childhood. He depicts the cast-off toys of the 20th century, which are, in turn, a reflection of our modern life with a mixture of nostalgia and rapier-sharp wit. Employing the dramatic lighting, deep shadows and dark grounds which were the essence of the Dutch and Flemish schools, the artist renders each bygone toy with such skillful detail that his paintings take on the ambience of icons. He enhances this reverential aspect by creating handmade frames in gold leaf, making each work into a modern altarpiece.

Steven Skollar’s works are influenced by everything from the paintings of Caravaggio to the television programs of the 1950’s. Inspiration is derived from the most simple of children’s toys to the most sophisticated works of cinema. Collectors of Steven Skollar’s paintings include Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg and Meg Ryan.

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