The Day There Was No News

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Today there was no news. And here is the proof.

Music: Ben Frost - Theory of Machines

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(I'm also well aware that Time Trumpet did a very similar concept, but I had never seen it or knew of its existence until you wonderful folks drew my attention to it. A tip of the hat to Adam Buxton and Armando Ianucci for being first!)

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  1. lundquist.richard 118 months ago | reply

    I supposed nobody uttered a peep at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago as well?

  2. Zacker The One and Only 117 months ago | reply

    lol... I like the fact that we havent invaded any countries today!!! lol

    Doesnt any other country have anything we want??

  3. SomeThingsIKnow 116 months ago | reply

    This was featured on my blog today -

    Keep up the awesomeness.

  4. fredozalo 116 months ago | reply

    props... very nice.

  5. Woowoo! 115 months ago | reply


    Music fits it perfectly.....

  6. Ben Jacob 113 months ago | reply

    lol, you said the fact. nothing happened..

  7. Matt Hamm 113 months ago | reply

    Really... This is cinematic. Excellent idea. carry on.

  8. dario.mario 112 months ago | reply

    Tihs is so THE BEST THE BEST. What it gives out a sense. Thank you

  9. Karabass 112 months ago | reply

    Don't you dare to delete it, it's a masterpiece! :)
    Thanks for video, it's awesome.

  10. rikribsson 112 months ago | reply

    haha, love it, great

  11. idiotcopenhagen 110 months ago | reply

    Very beautiful and poetic.

    i really appreciate that you choose not to make fun of the pauses but to see the silence as a rare and special thing.

  12. R. O. 109 months ago | reply

    This is one of the best pieces of art I've ever seen since I my little «internet era» has begun.

  13. mega_smelly_frog 108 months ago | reply

    "Really fantastic."
    "Absolutely awesome."
    "Inspiring...its the music...perfect."

    Adam Buxton did something similar...

    Yes but this clip was ... Magical. the others look more like a comedy sketch. Amazing the difference a tune and some subtitles makes.

  14. fatseth 101 months ago | reply

    How relaxing is it!

    I love it !

  15. my_angel_toes 88 months ago | reply

    I have a friend who did a journalism course, and the first lesson they ever had went pretty much like this "you think you're going to write some nice stories, about some thing really great and positive, forget it..only negativity remember that"

    Please rem this when next watching the news. Also another thing he learned is that because the radio is mostly live, more truths can come out in that format of media. They can get away with revealing more on air.

  16. muhktim 75 months ago | reply

    Big Ben sounds nine times. You expect the Nine o'clock News from the BBC Home Service on the 'wireless'. The announcer says: 'There is no news tonight.'

    This really happened. See Scannell and Cardiff’s 'Social History of British Broadcasting' (vol. I p.118): 'An austere conception of news values continued to govern the selection of material for broadcasting. When news of the quality required was lacking no efforts were made to pad out the bulletins to a standard length. On Good Friday 1930, in the view of the news editors, there was no news of the normal type or standard for broadcasting, and as a result no news bulletin was given. The announcer simply declared 'there is no news tonight.'

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